After several weeks of closure due to the CORONA pandemic, the OSL has now been reopened.


How it started

Our cooperation in polar and marine sciences looks back on a long tradition: since 1993, bilateral research activities have included joint terrestrial and marine expeditions as well as a mutual exchange of scientists. Consequently, the vision of a German-Russian laboratory for polar and marine research emerged in the following years. In 1999, this vision was finally realized: the OSL was established at the AARI in St. Petersburg, Russia, in order to bundle the numerous bilateral research efforts and, moreover, to provide advanced qualification for future polar and marine scientists.

Since 1993
Bilateral expeditions to the Lena Delta and the Laptev Sea

Agreement on Cooperation in the Field of Marine and Polar Research between the Federal Ministry of Education and Research of the Federal Republic of Germany and the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation

The OSL is officially launched at the AARI in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Russian-German Master Program for Polar and Marine Sciences POMOR




It is not without pride that we look back on the last two decades, during which we were able to welcome many visitors from science and politics. Near the entrance of the OSL hangs a pinboard with a small selection.